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Experience the Best of Uttarakhand with Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek

Ali Bedni Bugyal trek is located in the Chamoli quarter of Uttarakhand state in India. The journey starts from the vill of Lohajung, which is about 220 km from the megacity of Rishikesh. The journey takes you through lush green meadows, thick timbers, and beautiful mountain geographies. The Bedni Bugyal is a high altitude meadow positioned at an altitude of about 11,000 bases, and Ali Bugyal is another beautiful meadow located at an altitude of about 12,000 bases. The journey is known for its stirring views of the Himalayan peaks similar as Nanda Ghunti, Trishul, and Kamet.

 Where is the starting point of Ali Bedni Bugyal trek?

The Ali Bedni Bugyal journey can be penetrated via road and involves the following route..

  •  The nearest field is gleeful Grant Airport in Dehradun, which is about 220 km from Lohajung, the starting point of the journey.
  •  From Dehradun, you can hire a hack or take a machine to reach Lohajung. The road trip takes around 10- 12 hours, depending on the business and rainfall conditions.
  •  Alternately, you can take a train to Rishikesh, which is about 235 km from Lohajung. From Rishikesh, you can take a hack or a machine to reach Lohajung.
  •  Once you reach Lohajung, the journey starts from there and goes through Didina, Ali Bugyal, Bedni Bugyal, and Wan. The journey ends at Wan.
  •  After completing the journey, you can take a hack or a machine from Wan to reach Rishikesh or Dehradun.

 Note : It’s recommended to check the rainfall conditions and road conditions.

What is the Speciality of Bedni Bugyal?

The specialty of Bedni Bugyal is its natural beauty and scenic views. The meadow is girdled by snow- limited peaks and lush green timbers, and it’s known for its various flowers and champaigns. It’s also a popular destination for touring and boarding, with several touring routes leading to the meadow.

also, Bedni Bugyal is also known for its spiritual significance as it’s believed to be the sleeping place of Nanda Devi.

Overall, Bedni Bugyal is a unique and stunning destination that offers a mix of natural beauty, adventure, and church, making it a must- visit for nature suckers and adventure campaigners.

Rules for trek the ali bugyal trek :

Here are some general rules and guidelines that one should follow while Trekking this route….

gain necessary warrants : previous authorization from the original timber department is needed to journey in this region. Make sure to gain all necessary permits before starting the journey.

 Choose a good season : The best time to journey Ali Bedni Bugyal is from May to October, when the rainfall is favorable, and the meadows are lush green and various. Avoid touring during the thunderstorm season as the trail can come slippery and dangerous.

Pack applicable gear : Carry applicable touring gear, including a good brace of touring shoes, warm apparel, rain gear, sunscreen, and a first- aid tackle.

Follow the trail : Stick to the pronounced trail and avoid wandering off the designated path. The meadows are ecologically fragile, and it’s essential to minimize the impact on the terrain.

Leave no trace : Respect nature and carry back allnon-biodegradable waste with you. Don’t litter or leave any waste on the trail or in the meadows.

Respect original customs and traditions : The original communities in this region have their customs and traditions. Be regardful of their way of life and avoid any geste that may offend them.

Hire a original companion : It’s largely recommended to hire a original companion who knows the terrain well and can help you navigate the trail safely.

By following these rules and guidelines, you can insure a safe and pleasurable trekking experience on the Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek.

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 Which peaks are visible from Bedni Bugyal?

There are some of the prominent peaks visible from Bedni Bugyal given below….

Trishul Peak : Trishul Peak is a majestic mountain located in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. It has three distinct peaks and stands at an elevation of 7,120 measures( 23,359 bases). It’s visible from Bedni Bugyal and is a popular trekking destination in the region.

Nanda Ghunti : Nanda Ghunti is a prominent mountain peak in the Garhwal Himalayas, standing at an elevation of 6,309 measures( 20,699 bases). It’s visible from Bedni Bugyal and is a popular destination for trekking and mountaineering.

Chaukhamba Peak : Chaukhamba Peak is a group of four mountain peaks located in the Garhwal Himalayas, with the loftiest peak standing at an elevation of 7,138 measures( 23,419 bases). It’s visible from Bedni Bugyal and is a popular trekking and mountaineering destination.

Hathi Parvat : Hathi Parvat is a distinctive mountain peak located in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand, standing at an elevation of 6,727 measures( 22,073 bases). It’s shaped like an giant and is visible from Bedni Bugyal.

 Which month is best for Dayara Bugyal trek?

The best time to take over this journey is during the summer months of May to June and the afterlife months of September to November.

During the summer months, the rainfall is affable, and the meadows are lush green and full of blooming flowers, making it an excellent time to witness the natural beauty of the region. The temperatures during this time range between 10- 20 degrees Celsius during the day and can drop to 5- 10 degrees Celsius at night.

During the afterlife months, the rainfall is generally clear and dry, and the meadows are coated with various leafage, offering stunning views of the girding mountains. The temperatures during this time range between 5- 15 degrees Celsius during the day and can drop to 0- 5 degrees Celsius at night.

It’s judicious to avoid touring during the thunderstorm season( July to August) as the trail can come slippery and dangerous due to heavy downfall, making it delicate to navigate. The downtime months( December to February) should also be avoided as the region.

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