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Beas Kund Trek Best Time, Distance, Itinerary, and Many More.

Discover the ideal Beas Kund trek best time, distance, itinerary, and much more in this comprehensive guide. Plan your adventure with expert insights and make the most of this breathtaking experience.


Embarking on the Beas Kund trekking is a thrilling journey into the heart of nature. In this guide, we’ll explore the best time to undertake this adventure, the distances involved, a detailed itinerary, and more. Let’s dive into the details of what makes the Beas Kund an unforgettable experience.

beas kund trek best time to visit:

Discovering the perfect time for the Beas Kund trek is crucial for a memorable experience. From blooming meadows to snow-covered landscapes, each season offers a unique charm.

Spring Magic

In spring, witness nature awakening. The best time for vibrant flowers and moderate temperatures is from late April to early June.

Summer Splendor

For those who prefer mild weather, the trek from June to September is ideal. The trails are accessible, and the breathtaking landscapes are in full bloom.

Autumn Beauty

September to November brings a different allure. The crowds thin out, and the landscapes transition to warm hues, providing a tranquil experience.

Winter Wonderland

Brave the cold for a magical winter trek from December to March. The snow-covered trails offer a pristine and serene atmosphere.

beas kund trek distance:

Trekking Distance

Understanding the distances covered during the Beas Kund trek is essential for proper preparation.

Base Camp to Bakarthach

The initial stretch covers approximately 5 kilometers, leading to the mesmerizing Bakarthach campsite.

Bakarthach to Beas Kund

Continue for around 5 kilometers to reach the pristine Beas Kund, surrounded by snow-clad peaks.

Return Journey

The trek back follows the same route, making the total distance around 20 kilometers.

Beas kund trek itinerary:

Day 1: Manali to Solang Valley

Commence your journey by driving from Manali to Solang Valley. The 14 kilometers ride sets the tone for your adventure.

Day 2: Solang Valley to Bakarthach

Trek through picturesque landscapes, covering approximately 5 kilometers, and camp at Bakarthach.

Day 3: Bakarthach to Beas Kund and Back

Explore the enchanting Beas Kund and return to Bakarthach, completing a total of 10 kilometers.

Day 4: Bakarthach to Solang Valley

Conclude your trek by retracing the 5-kilometer trail back to Solang Valley.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q.1 Is Beas Kund Trek Challenging?

The trek is moderate, suitable for beginners with basic fitness levels.

Q.2 Are Permits Required for the Trek?

Yes, permits are necessary. Obtain them from the Manali Forest Department.

Q.3 What’s the Ideal Duration for the Beas Kund Trek?

The trek typically takes four days, allowing for a leisurely exploration of the beautiful surroundings.

Q.4 Can I Undertake the Trek Solo?

While solo trekking is possible, it’s recommended to go with experienced groups or guides for safety.

Q.5 Are Accommodations Available En Route?

Campsites are set up at Bakarthach, offering basic amenities. Ensure you carry essentials for a comfortable stay.

Q.6 Is Mobile Connectivity Available?

Expect limited or no connectivity during most parts of the trek. Embrace the digital detox!


Embarking on the Beas Kund trek is not just an adventure; it’s a journey into the lap of nature. With the right information on the best time, distances, and itinerary, you’re ready to make the most of this exhilarating experience. Start planning, and let the mountains beckon you!

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