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Guruvayur Temple’s Fascinating History and Timing Revealed by Akash Prajapati

Guruvayur Temple, located in the picturesque state of Kerala, India, holds an esteemed position among Hindu pilgrimage sites. Devotees from all corners of the globe visit this sacred abode to seek blessings and immerse themselves in the divine aura of Lord Krishna. With a rich historical background and splendid architectural wonders, Guruvayur Temple has become an iconic symbol of spiritual beauty.

guruvayur temple history: 

Guruvayur Temple, located in the town of Guruvayur in Kerala, India, has a rich and ancient history dating back centuries. The temple is one of the most revered pilgrimage sites for Hindus, particularly devotees of Lord Krishna.

According to legend, the temple was originally known as “Rudratheertha,” and it was believed to have been a sacred spot where Lord Shiva performed his cosmic dance, the “Tandava.”

The earliest historical records of Guruvayur Temple can be traced back to the 14th century when it was a small shrine. Over the years, the temple grew in importance and popularity, attracting devotees from different parts of India. The Zamorin Kings of Calicut played a significant role in the temple’s development and administration during the medieval period.

During the 16th century, the temple faced destruction due to the invasion of Tipu Sultan. However, it was later rebuilt with the support of the Zamorin Raja. The Guruvayur Devaswom, a governing body responsible for the administration of the temple, was formed in the 18th century to manage the temple affairs and preserve its cultural heritage.

The idol of Lord Krishna enshrined in the temple is believed to be more than 5,000 years old, and there are various fascinating legends associated with its origin. They, in turn, placed the idol in Guruvayur Temple, where it is worshiped to this day.

Over the centuries, Guruvayur Temple has undergone several renovations and expansions, enhancing its architectural splendor and religious significance. The temple’s stunning wood carvings, mural paintings, and intricate architecture make it an awe-inspiring sight for visitors.

Today, Guruvayur Temple kerala continues to be a beacon of spiritual fervor, drawing millions of devotees annually. The temple’s history and divine aura create an atmosphere of profound reverence and devotion, making it a cherished destination for all those seeking spiritual solace.

guruvayur temple timings: 

The temple opens early in the morning and closes late at night, allowing devotees ample time to experience the divine atmosphere. The standard timings of the temple are as follows:


3:00 AM – 3:30 AM: Nirmalya Darshan

3:20 AM – 3:30 AM: Abhishekam

3:30 AM – 4:15 AM: Oil Nivedyam

4:15 AM – 4:30 AM: Vakacharthu (removing the previous day’s offerings)

4:30 AM – 6:15 AM: Alankaram (adorning the deity)

6:15 AM – 6:45 AM: Usha Pooja

7:15 AM – 9:00 AM: Ethirettu Pooja

11:30 AM – 12:30 PM: Ucha Pooja (noon pooja)


4:30 PM – 5:00 PM: Deeparadhana

6:45 PM – 7:15 PM: Athazha Pooja (night pooja)

7:45 PM – 8:15 PM: Athazha Pooja Sreebali

8:30 PM: Temple Closes

Please note that these timings are subject to change during special occasions and festivals.

Daily Poojas

Guruvayur Temple conducts several daily poojas to honor the deity. Each pooja is a spiritual offering filled with devotion and reverence. Some of the prominent daily poojas include:

Nirmalya Darshan: This is the first darshan of the day, where devotees get a glimpse of the idol after the night’s adornments are removed.

Usha Pooja: Performed just before sunrise, this pooja marks the beginning of the day’s rituals.

Ethirettu Pooja: Conducted in the morning, it is one of the main poojas of the day.

Ucha Pooja: Also known as the noon pooja, it is a significant ceremony held during midday.

Deeparadhana: The evening pooja involving the offering of lit oil lamps to the deity, creating a mesmerizing sight.

Athazha Pooja: The night pooja conducted after sunset, bringing the day’s rituals to a close.

hotels near guruvayur temple kerala : 

When visiting Guruvayur Temple, finding suitable accommodation nearby is essential to ensure a comfortable and convenient pilgrimage experience. Here are some popular hotels near Guruvayur Temple:

Mayura Residency: Located just a stone’s throw away from the temple, Mayura Residency offers comfortable rooms with modern amenities. The hotel’s proximity to the temple makes it a convenient choice for devotees.

Krishna Inn: Situated within walking distance of Guruvayur Temple kerala, Krishna Inn provides well-furnished rooms and excellent hospitality. The hotel’s restaurant serves delicious vegetarian meals.

Devasura Inn: This hotel is known for its warm hospitality and cozy rooms. Devasura Inn is located close to the temple and offers easy access to other nearby attractions.

Sree Gokulam Sabari: With comfortable rooms and a homely ambiance, Sree Gokulam Sabari is a popular choice for pilgrims visiting Guruvayur Temple.

Kanoos Residency: This hotel offers a blend of traditional charm and modern amenities. Kanoos Residency is located within a short distance from the temple.

Sopanam Heritage: For those seeking a touch of Kerala’s cultural heritage, Sopanam Heritage is an excellent option. The hotel’s architecture and decor reflect the local traditions.

Guruvayur Gateway: Providing a serene environment, Guruvayur Gateway is a well-maintained hotel offering comfortable rooms and friendly service.

Bhasuri Inn: Offering a range of room options to suit different needs, Bhasuri Inn is known for its cleanliness and attentive staff.

Sree Gokulam Vanamala: This hotel features spacious rooms and a tranquil ambiance. Sree Gokulam Vanamala is a short distance from the temple.

Srivar Hotels: Located close to the temple, Srivar Hotels offers a pleasant stay with modern amenities.

Please note that during peak pilgrimage seasons, it is advisable to book your accommodation in advance to avoid any last-minute inconvenience.

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guruvayur temple online booking: 

Devotees can book their darshan slots online through the official website of Guruvayur Devaswom (the governing body of the temple). The online darshan booking system allows visitors to choose a specific time slot for darshan, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. To book online darshan, follow these steps:

Visit the official website of Guruvayur Devaswom (

Navigate to the “Online Services” section or “Darshan Booking” option.

Select the date of your visit from the available calendar and choose the preferred time slot.

Provide necessary details such as the number of people visiting and any specific poojas or offerings you wish to include.

Complete the payment process through the secure online payment gateway.

After successful booking, you will receive a confirmation message or e-ticket that you need to present at the temple’s entrance during your chosen time slot.

Online Accommodation Booking:

Guruvayur Temple offers various accommodation options for devotees who wish to stay near the temple premises. To book accommodation online, follow these steps:

Visit the official website of Guruvayur Devaswom.

Navigate to the “Online Services” section or “Accommodation Booking” option.

Choose the type of room you prefer (AC, non-AC, deluxe, etc.).

Select the check-in and check-out dates and provide the required details.

Make the payment through the secure online payment gateway to confirm your reservation.

It is advisable to book accommodation well in advance, especially during peak pilgrimage seasons or festival times, as rooms tend to fill up quickly.

Online Offerings Booking:

Devotees can also make online bookings for various offerings and poojas at Guruvayur Temple. These offerings include Neyyabhishekam (ghee offering), Pushpanjali (flower offering), and various archanas and poojas. To book online offerings, follow these steps:

Visit the official website of Guruvayur Devaswom.

Navigate to the “Online Services” section or “Offerings Booking” option.

Choose the specific offering or pooja you wish to book.

Provide the required details such as the name of the devotee and any specific sankalpam (prayer intentions).

Complete the payment process through the secure online payment gateway.

After successful booking, devotees can offer the chosen poojas and offerings during their darshan at the temple.

guruvayur temple dress code: 

As a place of worship, Guruvayur Temple follows a strict dress code. Men are expected to wear traditional attire, and women are required to be modestly dressed.


Is Guruvayur Temple open to all visitors throughout the year?

Yes, Guruvayur Temple is open to all visitors, irrespective of their caste, creed, or nationality, throughout the year.

Can non-Hindus visit Guruvayur Temple?

Yes, non-Hindus are allowed to visit the temple premises.

Are there any accommodation options near Guruvayur Temple Kerala?

Yes, there are plenty of accommodation options available near Guruvayur Temple kerala, ranging from budget-friendly guesthouses to luxurious hotels.

What is the significance of the “Neyyabhishekam” ritual?

Neyyabhishekam involves offering ghee to the deity. It is believed to bring prosperity and alleviate diseases.

How far is Athirapally Falls from Guruvayur Temple?

Athirapally Falls is approximately 70 kilometers away from Guruvayur Temple and makes for an enchanting day trip for nature enthusiasts.

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