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Exploring Roopkund Trek Distance: An Unforgettable Himalayan Experience Banned?

Before knowing about roopkund trek distance please read some related information to this Trek…

Roopkund Trek is a popular high altitude journey in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. It’s known for its scenic beauty and the mysterious Roopkund Lake. The journey is located in the Chamoli quarter and is generally done over a period of 8- 9 days.

Roopkund Trek Distance :

The Roopkund Trek distance is roughly 53 kilometers long, covering a round trip from Lohajung vill to Roopkund and back. The distance may vary slightly depending on the specific route taken and any side passages or divergences along the way. The journey involves several steep ascents and descents, and pedestrians generally cover an normal of 6- 7 kilometers per day, depending on their pace and fitness position.

The Roopkund Lake, which is the highlight of the journey. It is also known as the’ Skeleton Lake’ due to the presence of mortal configurations and remains of nags around its edges. The origin of these remains is still a riddle and has led to numerous propositions and legends.

 Roopkund Trek Route :

The Roopkund Trek generally starts from a small vill called Lohajung, which is located in the Chamoli quarter of Uttarakhand, India. From Lohajung, the journey follows the following route

  •  Day 1 : Lohajung to Didna Village( 8 km, 5- 6 hours)
  •  Day 2 : Didna Village to Ali Bugyal( 6 km, 4- 5 hours)
  •  Day 3 : Ali Bugyal to Ghora Lotani( 9 km, 6- 7 hours)
  •  Day 4 : Ghora Lotani to Bhagwabasa( 4 km, 3- 4 hours)
  •  Day 5 : Bhagwabasa to Roopkund and back to Bhagwabasa( 10 km, 8- 9 hours)
  •  Day 6 : Bhagwabasa to Patar Nachauni( 7 km, 6- 7 hours)
  •  Day 7 : Patar Nachauni to Lohajung via Bedni Bugyal( 12 km, 7- 8 hours)
  •  Day 8 : Lohajung to Kathgodam( by auto)

The route passes through lush green timbers, meadows, and high- altitude glaciers, offering stunning views of the Nanda Ghunti and Trishul peaks. The journey involves several steep ascents and descents, and pedestrians need to be physically fit and set for the grueling terrain.

 Roopkund Trek Best Time :

The Best time to do the Roopkund Trek is generally between May and June, and September and October. During these months, the rainfall is fairly stable, and the skies are generally clear, offering stirring views of the girding mountains and denes.

In the summer months of May and June, the rainfall is generally affable, and the touring trail is covered with lush verdure and blooming flowers. The temperature during this time ranges from 15 °C to 20 °C during the day and drops to around 5 °C at night.

In thepost-monsoon months of September and October, the rainfall is clear, and the skies are generally blue, making it an excellent time for touring. The temperature during this time ranges from 10 °C to 15 °C during the day and can drop to indurating situations at night.

It’s stylish to avoid the thunderstorm months of July and August as the touring trail becomes slippery and muddy due to heavy downfall, making it challenging to journey. The downtime months from November to April are also not recommended for touring as the region receives heavy snowfall, making the trail inapproachable.

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 Rules for Roopkund Trek :

There are several rules and guidelines that pedestrians need to follow when doing the Roopkund Trek to insure a safe and pleasurable trekking experience. Some of the important rules are…..

Obtaining permits : Pedestrians need to gain a permit from the Uttarakhand Forest Department before starting the journey.

Carrying ID evidence : Trekkers need to carry a valid ID evidence with them, which will be vindicated at colorful checkpoints along the touring route.

No littering : trekkers need to insure that they don’t litter along the touring route and carry all their waste with them.

No camping in banned areas : Trekkers need to avoid camping in banned areas, which can beget environmental damage.

Avoid smoking or drinking : Smoking and drinking are rigorously banned on the touring trail, as it can beget detriment to the terrain and the fellow pedestrians.

Following the designated trail : Pedestrians need to follow the designated touring trail and avoid taking lanes or creating new trails, which can beget soil corrosion and harm the original foliage and fauna.

No trashing of trees or jewels : Pedestrians need to avoid defacing trees or jewels along the touring trail, which can beget endless damage to the terrain.

Hiring original attendants : Pedestrians are advised to hire original attendants, who have a better understanding of the terrain and can help insure a safe and pleasurable trekking experience.

By following these rules and guidelines, pedestrians can insure that they’ve a positive impact on the terrain and the original communities and have a memorable trekking experience.

 Benefits to visit The Roopkund Trek :

The Roopkund Trek isn’t only an adventure exertion but also provides several physical and internal health benefits. Then are some of the benefits of doing the Roopkund Trek…

Cardiovascular health : Trekking involves nonstop walking and climbing, which can ameliorate cardiovascular health by strengthening the heart and lungs.

Muscle strength and abidance : Trekking involves walking on uneven terrain and carrying a pack, which can ameliorate muscle strength and abidance.

Stress relief : touring in nature can give a sense of calmness and relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety.

Mental well- being : Trekking can ameliorate internal well- being by furnishing a sense of accomplishment, boosting confidence and tone- regard.

Exposure to nature : The Roopkund Trek takes pedestrians through some of the most beautiful geographies in Uttarakhand, offering a chance to connect with nature and appreciate its beauty.

Artistic experience : The journey passes through several small townlets, offering pedestrians a chance to interact with locals and learn about their culture and way of life.

Advanced sleep : touring in the fresh mountain air and plying oneself physically can ameliorate sleep quality.

Overall, the Roopkund Trek provides an occasion to ameliorate physical and internal health, explore nature, and witness the rich culture of Uttarakhand.

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 Which railway station is near to Roopkund?

The nearest railway station to Roopkund is the Kathgodam Railway Station, which is located in the city of Kathgodam in the Nainital quarter of Uttarakhand. The road station is roughly 208 kilometers down from Lohajung, which is the base camp for the Roopkund Trek.

From Kathgodam, you can hire a hack or take a machine to Lohajung, which takes roughly 8- 9 hours. Some touring agencies also give transportation services from Kathgodam to Lohajung as part of their touring packages.

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