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how to submit sitemap to google
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How to Submit Sitemap to Google

A sitemap could be a file (usually in XML format), that contains an inventory of all of your website’s pages you would like Google to understand concerning. It ought to be set within the root folder of your web site and be accessible to go looking engine crawlers.

In this post, you may learn the three completely different ways you’ll use to submit a sitemap to Google.

Using the Google Search Console (recommended method)
Using robots.txt
Using the command
Submit a Sitemap victimization the Google Search Console
This is the foremost widespread and suggested technique.

Step 1: certify that your sitemap is within the root folder of your web site and publically accessible.
Open a brand new browser window and sort the sitemap URL. sometimes it’s the subsequent format:

How to Submit Sitemap to Google or

If everything is ok, you may see one thing like this:

how to submit site map in google

Example of XML Sitemap
Example of XML Sitemap
Step 2: Register your web site with the Google Search Console
If you have got not already done this, you wish to make AN account and register your web site with Google. If you have already got AN account, travel to step three

Step 3: Submit your Sitemap

Click SITEMAPS (under INDEX)
Add your sitemap name (with the extension) within the ‘Add a brand new sitemap’ space
Click the submit button

how to submit site map in google
Submit Sitemap to Google
Submit Sitemap to Google victimization Google Search Console.
If everything is ok you may be promoted with the “Sitemap submitted successfully” message.

How to Submit Sitemap to Google

how to submit site map in google

Sitemap Submitted Message
Sitemap Submitted Message
That’s all you have got to try and do to let Google comprehend your sitemap. Google can monitor the sitemap file for changes and add new pages in their index.

Submit a sitemap victimization the robots.txt file
The robots.txt could be a computer file that resides within the root folder of your web {site} and provides directions to go looking engines on that files (or parts) of a site they will crawl and index.

One of the weather you’ll augment your robots is that the ‘sitemap’. you’ll add this anyplace you would like within the file and it’s the subsequent format:

Sitemap: ‘path to your sitemap file’.

Here is AN example of however a robots.txt appearance with the sitemap component.

When search engines (not simply Google) browse your robots.txt, they’re going to conjointly crawl and index your sitemap.

User-agent: *
Allow: /

Submit a sitemap victimization command or programmatically
This is the smallest amount widespread technique you’ll use however it’s another choice you have got to create your sitemap accessible to Google.

You can use the ping command programmatically victimization the subsequent format:’path to sitemap file’

For example:

You can conjointly get laid through a browser window by pasting the URL. Once submitted you may get a ‘sitemap notification received’.

sitemap notification receive

How to Submit Sitemap to Google

How to take away a sitemap for Google
If for a few reason, you would like to get rid of a sitemap from Google:

Login to Google Search Console
Click SITEMAPS (under INDEX)
Click on the sitemap file you would like to get rid of
Click the 3 dots (top right corner) and choose take away SITEMAP.
Remove Sitemap from Google
Remove Sitemap from Google
Submitting a Sitemap – list
Here area unit a number of the popular questions’ users raise concerning sitemaps.

how to submit site map in google

Do i would like to submit a sitemap to Google?

Yes. though Google will a really smart job in discovering new websites or updates to existing content, you’ll create their life easier and speed up the invention method by submitting a sitemap victimization one amongst the 3 ways represented higher than.

Does Yoast submit a sitemap to Google?

No. Yoast is generating the sitemap for your web site and keeps it up-to date however it doesn’t mechanically submit the sitemap to Google.

What to incorporate in my sitemap?

You should embrace solely the pages of your web site that you just need to be a part of the Google index and seem in Google search results.

Pages with duplicate or skinny content mustn’t be a part of your XML sitemap.

Read a way to optimize your XML sitemap for all the main points.
Do I even have to use all 3 ways for submitting my web site to Google?

No. Use just one of the ways. The suggested technique is submitting the sitemap through the Google Search Console. this manner you’ll be able to check the statistics and conjointly re-submit it if necessary.

Do I even have to re-submit sitemap to Google each time I update my website?

No. you simply got to submit your sitemap once and Google can monitor the sitemap for changes.

The only cases wherever you must re-submit the sitemap is once doing a web site plan, dynamic domain, dynamic permalink structure or creating heaps of changes to the content.

Even if you don’t re-submit the sitemap, Google can develop the changes eventually, re-submitting can create the method quicker.

Key Learnings
A sitemap could be a terribly useful gizmo for SEO. Through the sitemap you’ll management that pages of your web site you would like to be a part of a quest engine’s index.

You can conjointly use it to allow search engines info concerning your trilingual implementation (in case your web site is accessible in additional than one language).

Submitting a sitemap to Google could be a easy task. you’ll use any of the higher than ways to let Google comprehend your web site.

Once submitted, Google can monitor the sitemap file for changes therefore you don’t ought to re-submit it each time you publish or update a post.

How to Submit Sitemap to Google

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